The women ministry is another important ministry of the church. The women of the Pohkseh Presbyterian church are actively involved in the different areas in the  ministry of the church. One of the most important aspect of the church, if it has to grow is that it has to be a praying church and the women of the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church are the "Prayer Warriors"  of the church. That is why the women ministry is a vital organ of the church.



The women ministry holds their women fellowship every Sunday at  3.00 p.m. This is a fellowship in which fellow women believers take part in Bible Reading, Prayer and sharing of God's Word.

The women ministry also plays a vital role in the society and the community. Recently they were able to help  people who face ethnic violence in the Jaintia Hills.

The women ministry is also a great supporter of the Bible Society of India and contributes towards the Society ministry.

As mentioned earlier, the women are Prayer Warriors of the church, therefore the World Day of Prayer has been actively participated by them.