Youth Ministry

Young men and women are the backbone of the church. They are the ones  that will make the church  a vibrant living church in generations to come. Therefore the church has great responsibilities in raising up its own children in the way God wanted. Because of this reason, the youth ministry is one of the very important activity of the church as a whole. The youth ministry also comprises  the ministry towards the children. With this vision in mind the church has a great task ahead in bringing young people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are about 450 young men and women as members of the Pohkseh Presbyterian church. The youth ministry has the following activities:

1.Music: Music being the language of young people, plays a very important role in the youth ministry of the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church. A group of young men and women are selected to take responsibilities in developing and leading music programmes and especially in leading Praise & Worship in the Youth services.

2.Social Activities: Young people of the church take an active part in social activity.

3.Reaching the Lost: This is one of the vital activities of the Youth Ministry. Some dedicated young men and women are selected to visit and reach out to other young people in and around the community sharing with them the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ. 

4.Youth Week: The Youth week is the annual event of the church in trying to reach out to every young person  in and around the area. This is a very special event to every young man and woman of the Pohkseh Presbyterian Church. Through out the week different programmes are being organized ranging from Music to Hard talk subjects like Drug addiction or Marriage or from Talent search to discussion on employment etc. The Youth Week is very important in helping many young men and women renew their relationship with Christ or accept Christ for the very first time. For the 2008 Youth Week please CLICK HERE